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Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for Adelaide

As the cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia, Adelaide is blessed with wonderful weather, scenic views and a vibrant culture. It is these attributes that draw thousands of visitors to the city every year while homeowners also make the most of the lifestyle they provide. With that in mind, you may be looking to add some furnishings to your garden to enhance the time you spend outside and the look of your outdoor spaces.

See our outdoor furniture buying guide for Adelaide below for more information:

Look for Weatherproof and Durable Outdoor Furniture

While Adelaide’s weather is pleasant, it can easily shorten the lifespan of your furniture if the wrong materials are chosen. With the good weather that Adelaide enjoys it’s fair to say that not only are you be likely to be spending a lot of time outdoors, your garden furniture will too. In that regard it’s a good idea to look for furniture that is as weatherproof and durable as possible.

Materials that are great for outdoor furniture include hardwoods such as teak, spray coated aluminium, and the increasingly popular rattan. The material that your garden furniture is made of is important for durability, - as is the construction of your pieces. Look for well made pieces and always buy from reputable outdoor furniture specialists such as FurnitureOkay for peace of mind and quality products that last.

Buy Weatherproof Accessories

Where possible, it is also a good idea to buy furniture accessories that are weatherproof. This includes cushions and pillows which can become susceptible to discoloration or mildew when exposed to the elements, and as such synthetic materials or UV-treated materials are the best options. Synthetic fabrics such as acrylic are more resistant to mildew while well ventilated materials are ideal for quicker drying and minimising water damage.

Maintain your Outdoor Furniture

As mentioned above, the weather in Adelaide is great and as such your furniture will be put through its paces from regular use and the weather. Once you have achieved the look you want for your outdoor spaces it’s easy to keep your garden furnishings looking great and in good condition through regular maintenance. Whether it’s treating wood, wiping down your furniture, or storing it away from the elements, it all helps to prolong the life of your outdoor pieces.

To conclude, it’s worth noting that choosing outdoor furniture that is particularly resistant to the weather does not mean foregoing any sense of style. While still following the guide above, it’s still possible to achieve a look that reflects your own style and tastes for a garden you’ll love spending more time in.

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