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Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for Sydney

Living in Sydney has a lot of benefits, but few are quite as pleasing as the beautiful climate that the city enjoys. The temperate seasons allow for more than 100 days of cloud-free sunshine per year, long summers and a short, crisp winter season. This, alongside an eclectic culture and thriving business hubs, is a huge factor into what makes Sydney the most popular city in the country. Enjoying the Sydney sunshine usually comes in the shape of outdoor activities in the backyards of family and friends. So, this post hopes to offer up some advice on buying outdoor furniture so that you can enjoy the sunshine in style with your loved ones. Choosing the Right Material You are spoiled...

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Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide for Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in the world right now, and there is a growing list of reasons why. The bustling metropolis has an edgy, sophisticated culture that is incredibly progressive, as well as a plethora of wildlife and natural splendour. With a climate that is consistently warm and sunny – aside from the few winter months – Melbournians love to find an excuse to appreciate the glorious sunshine. This post hopes to offer some advice and considerations when purchasing some outdoor furniture for your space.  Planning Your Outdoor Area With a teeming population of over 4 million residents, Melbourne is one of the best places to live on the planet. As more and more people...

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